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About Pro Trainer Soccer

The Pro Trainer soccer ball machine is a unique tool for training soccer players to have a better touch on the ball. This is a most important area of soccer skill development.Our products are aimed at making soccer players more effective out on the field.

Formed in 2001 after ten years of development on the soccer training system and soccer ball machine design, Pro Trainer Soccer Inc. strives to bring advanced soccer skill training to indoor arenas, individual trainers, coaches, and to soccer clubs. We sell an advanced soccer ball machine that brings many exciting advantages to training for your soccer team. We also sell a proven soccer training system that creates opportunities to excel for today’s soccer player.


Who we are:

Kevin Rockwell – President


What we sell:

Pro Trainer Soccer Machine- An advanced training machine that serves soccer balls to players in a wide variety of ways. Rolling balls, driven balls, crosses, air balls, it is up to the trainer to set the machine to fit the drill. An exciting addition to the soccer training environment.

Superior Soccer Skills Training-an advanced system of soccer training utilizing the Pro Trainer, rebound goals, and 100’s of drills to maximize player touches on the soccer ball and advance their skill level.




Kevin Rockwell:

Having spent one half of his life growing up around professional sports and the other half working in the television news business


Mr. Rockwell has garnered a large amount of knowledge about the business of images and sport. He brings to TK Sports the love of soccer and soccer training as well as the ability to capture the essence of soccer training to teach others the Sutton Soccer system.

He spends his non working hours going to his two kids competitive team games, refereeing adult and youth soccer games, and watching (via DVR) English Premier league games on TV.



Peter Hayton:
Playing in England for his whole life has brought an extraordinary skill level to Peter’s game. Then you throw in his fantastic ability to convey the game to players in training and you have a world class coach. Peter works with TK Sports to train players and teams to play at the highest level. He is Technical Director for the Bay Oaks Soccer Club.


He has played professionally in England, trained teams and players in both England and here in the Bay Area. He holds a UEFA B coaching license, an FA Coaching certificate, a Brazilian Soccer Certificate, as well as First Aid and Child Protection Awareness certificates.


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"I bought the Pro-Trainer for my three children, 2 high school aged players and one middle school. Thanks for a great, tough, well made product. Futsal is next.... The Pro-Trainer has worked perfectly each time. It really is a great product." G. C. Schaeffer

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