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First Touch Soccer Training

First Touch Soccer TrainingFirst Touch Soccer Training is an essential part of developing the right skills to succeed on the pitch when playing the game of soccer. If a player cannot control the ball on the first touch they end up chasing after the game instead of controlling the game with confidence. So much of successful soccer training revolves around getting players the first touches on the ball they need to build muscle memory that means they will be strong players.

At Pro Trainer Soccer we have always built our training around first touch soccer training. Give players hundreds and thousands of touches on the ball in training. Using a ball machine to serve a soccer ball gives you the chance as a trainer or parent to give your players effective serves that builds and maintains skills players can use on the pitch at every game.

We watch players train with our soccer ball machine each month and see the skills develop as they gain confidence in their first touch. Plus they have fun instead of being confused or stressed because they cannot control the ball on the first touch.

Watch the highest level pros play the game and marvel at their delicate control of the ball. Ever seen the sixty yard cross in a top level game where the player drops the ball right at their feet in stride as they move to goal? It is a marvelous thing to see. Did they get that skill after only a few touches? No way. They practised this skill hundreds and hundreds of times so that in the speed of the game they do it without even thinking about it. This is what gives them the edge.

So let’s answer some questions for you.

image2How to practice first touch in soccer?

Players have to touch the ball as much as they possibly can all the time. When they go to a soccer training session for their team they might get fifty or so effective touches on the ball where they can work on their ball skills. When you include ball machine training to the session players can get hundreds of great touches on the ball. This can include rolling balls, driven balls and air balls so each touch surface can be worked on. Feet, thigh, chest, and head control through lots of serves until a player finds relaxation when the ball is sent their way.

Who has the best first touch in football?

As with any best in type of inquiry there are always many different choices. I like to watch the best European leagues on TV each week of the season and I always look to see who has the best touch. IN my mind players like Messi, Neymar, Hazard, Sanchez, and others show terrific first touch each and every week. Of course you might have others you think belong in this club.

How to improve first touch in soccer?

The bottom line is to get effective serves of the soccer ball each and every week so that true muscle memory can be developed in a soccer player’s skill arsenal. This means starting simple and moving to more advanced as the skill develops. Youth players at young ages need rolling balls they can control with each surface of the foot so they can begin to learn how to dribble and pass. Inside of the foot, outside of the foot, as well as the instep of the foot are the key control surfaces of the foot. Once a player can use their feet then you can move on to the other control surfaces such as the thigh, heal, chest and heading the ball. With ball machine serves you can give hundreds of serves that allow for step by step skill development.

What is first touch in football?

First touch in football is basically how a player receives the ball with their body when it arrives at their location on the field. So if it is a rolling pass from a teammate they need to control this first touch with their foot and move the ball to the desired location for the next touch. If the first touch is bad the ball will move too far away from the player and they will be chasing the game instead of directing it. The better your first touch in football the more you can get your head up and see the game better. This results in better passing, shooting, and tactical awareness of the game.

How to improve first touch drills?

We recommend using a ball machine for twenty to thirty minutes at each training session so a player gets hundreds of touches on the ball. First they control the ball with the first touch you want them to work on then you add in the next touch they need to perform, such as turning the ball away from pressure or passing to a teammate. You can progress to first touch followed by a shot on target.

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First Touch Soccer Training – Pro Trainer

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