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Lessons from Champion’s League

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Have you been watching the Champion’s League this season? Well if not then you may not be a true football fan. This year we get to the quarterfinals round with each of the teams being group winners. Nothing but solid talented teams competing to go on to the semis. It is a great match up round as far as I am concerned.

This is where the rubber meets the road in this competition that the premier teams in Europe all covet each year. Teams go out and spend millions and millions on players to set up rosters just so they can go deep in this league or even win it.

But it is still not all about spending money that makes a team go all the way and win in Champion’s League play. They still have to take all that talent and skill and combine it with some great teamwork. Bayern is a terrific roster deep with skill, but they play cohesively as a unit and have solid discipline.  Barca of course has a very talented midfield and striker team but at times they have been shaky on defense due to injuries and such. Real, why don’t they become an automatic team to win it all? Teamwork. At times they perform solidly as a team and other times they seem to fall apart and kill themselves.

While watching this weeks games I am reminded again that at this level the touch on the ball and skills on show are just so top notch. The artistry and play making dazzle at times. This is where youth soccer players should be watching closely to every match of the competition not only to see their favorite stars play, but to also see the rest of the players and how they behave, how they pass, and how they are as teammates on the field.  Soccer training is full of variables for the youth soccer player. Seeing the best perform and then taking that out onto the pitch and perfecting for themselves is what will make them the best players as they progress.

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I am eagerly looking forward to the semi’s and the final in Lisbon next month. And then it is on to Brazil for the World Cup. Pro Trainer will be in Brazil for several weeks talking to football fans and trainers about the Pro Trainer soccer ball machine and seeing lots of games. This should be a wonderful experience. If you are going to Brazil for World Cup drop us a line and maybe we can get together and get you into one of our custom WC shirts we will be handing out in Brazil

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