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Do you operate a soccer facility for play and training purposes? Could you use an extra revenue stream? Of course you can. Well the Pro Trainer soccer ball machine can be that new source of income for your operation. Let us show you how.


Put a Pro Trainer in your facility and rent it to coaches or teams to use for training sessions. This is a value added service that can get community attention, increase return business, and create buzz for your facility.



With a Pro Trainer in your facility you can offer professional training sessions with your staff running the sessions and charging more for having the Pro Trainer at the session. Your trainer spends less time serving balls and more time focused on giving great instruction to players.

You make more money per hour and your customers get more value for their dollar.

We can give your staff the training to utilize the machine in their sessions.


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"I bought the Pro-Trainer for my three children, 2 high school aged players and one middle school. Thanks for a great, tough, well made product. Futsal is next.... The Pro-Trainer has worked perfectly each time. It really is a great product." G. C. Schaeffer

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