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soccer ball machine Do you have a budding youth soccer player who can’t get enough soccer training every week? Do you have some grass in the backyard. The Pro Trainer can be an ideal tool for your player to get thousands of touches on the ball right in your backyard or down the street at the local park! Watch them develop way faster than their teammates as they gain confidence on the soccer ball.
The whole team will be over at your house wanting to train with your player once you get one of these machines. (Well maybe you don’t want that to happen…) Players love training on the Pro Trainer . They often beg us for more at our team training sessions. They know and see how it helps their game. Could your player use the confidence that comes from knowing how to receive a ball of any type because they have done it hundreds of times every week? pro trainer
soccer training with ball machine The Pro Trainer now comes with two speed settings for ball delivery. The standard setting of a ball served every five seconds and the new setting of ten seconds. This means that a player can train alone or with one other player or parent and get continuous skills training for as long as they want each and every day. Can you imagine the development and confidence that builds in youth players?We can because we see it each and every month of the year in the players on our teams, the players in our camps, and the players on teams who use the Pro Trainer.


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"I bought the Pro-Trainer for my three children, 2 high school aged players and one middle school. Thanks for a great, tough, well made product. Futsal is next.... The Pro-Trainer has worked perfectly each time. It really is a great product." G. C. Schaeffer

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