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How does training with the Pro Trainer soccer ball machine work?


We even call it corrective soccer training. Yes that’s right corrective training. Players have so many bad habits ingrained when it comes to receiving the soccer ball that they need to take 100’s of touches on the ball to correct their technique. Watch any game , anywhere and you will see what we mean. Players do not know how to properly receive, trap, volley, and head the ball under game conditions.


pro trainer soccer ball machineGive them the chance to learn the techniques right under ideal conditions and you will give them the confidence to perform under game conditions. We guarantee that if you use this machine in your soccer training and give your players effective, efficient serves they will improve their first touch. Whether it is a ten yard air ball to a 12 year girl working on taking the ball off her head or it is a 25 yd serve to one of your backs to work on trapping the ball dead at their feet every time, this machine will provide you something you cannot give your players. Repetitions that are effective all the time!



The Pro Trainer soccer ball machine is made for us by Sports Tutor Inc. , the largest ball machine manufacturer in the world. Sports Tutor sells more tennis ball machines than anyone. You should see the new high tech baseball pitching machine they pro trainer keeper trainingsell now! Wow it is cool. The engineering this company performs is really top notch. They build this soccer machine in the USA out of the highest quality components. This machine lasts! They use high quality aluminum framing, top notch motors and controls designed by their team of quality engineers. Our design and their high quality manufacturing gives you the best soccer ball machine on the market.
The bottom line when you use the Pro Trainer soccer ball machine is that players get better chances to succeed at valuable first touch skills through the effective and efficient system of serving pro trainerballs provided by the Pro Trainer. Any soccer player will have fun while training with this machine. It is so versatile that at first you might not realize all the great ways you can utilize it in your training. Believe me there are tons of ways to integrate this great machine into your practice sessions.


How a player receives a soccer ball, whether it is in the air, on the ground, or bouncing will determine whether they can possess the ball and thus be an effective player on the pitch . Let’s face it our players do not get enough of these touches in soccer training sessions to make them highly skilled.

Other sports such as baseball, have had ball machines for years to train essential skills. All coaches know that successful repetitions are the key to mastering skill technique, whether it is hitting a baseball, volleying a tennis ball, catching a football, spiking a volleyball, or in the case of soccer making a great first touch on the ball no matter how it comes to the player. Now soccer has a versatile, portable, rugged ball serving machine that can truly be an effective training aid for players of all ages and abilities.

The Pro Trainer soccer ball machine can serve rolling, bouncing, driven, or air balls. Players get many repetitive touches on the ball enabling them to focus on their soccer skill development in rapid fashion.

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"I bought the Pro-Trainer for my three children, 2 high school aged players and one middle school. Thanks for a great, tough, well made product. Futsal is next.... The Pro-Trainer has worked perfectly each time. It really is a great product." G. C. Schaeffer

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